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Product Traceability Maps in the Circular Innovation

Product traceability maps are an important tool in the circular economy, as they help eliminate waste by tracing the journey of a product from its source to its disposal. This is a key principle in the circular economy, as it promotes sustainability and reduces negative impacts on both individual health and well-being, as well as ethical concerns. Traceability is the process of tracking and documenting the journey of a product, which requires information on its origin, attributes, and the journey itself. For example, the traceability of a chocolate bar might include information on where the cacao beans were sourced, who was involved in harvesting them, and the names of the farmers. Attribute tracing would involve tracking changes in the product's characteristics, such as its flavor, over time. Journey tracing would involve documenting the transportation and handling of the product, and ensuring it was sourced and marketed ethically. Origin Tracing Origin tracing is an important pa