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Paradiso: AI Product Ideation for Birds-of-Paradise Inspired T-Shirts

By Tojin T. Eapen

The birds-of-paradise are a group of about 39 species of brightly colored birds found in New Guinea and nearby islands. These birds are known for their elaborate courtship displays and colorful plumage. We utilized AI tools such as chatGPT and Stable Diffusion to generate T-Shirts called Paradiso, whose appearance is inspired by birds-of-paradise. The goal of this project was to explore how AI can be effectively used in the product ideation process.

Inspired by Birds-of-Paradise

The colors of the birds-of-paradise can vary widely, with many species featuring a combination of bright red, orange, yellow, blue, and green feathers. The males of many species have particularly striking plumage, with long, flowing tail feathers and other distinctive features such as brightly colored head plumes or breast shields. Many of the birds-of-paradise have glossy, iridescent feathers that shimmer in the sunlight, and their striking colors and patterns are used to attract mates and establish dominance within their social groups. 

Illustration of a Bird-of-Paradise

Illustration of a Bird-of-Paradise (Image Credit: Karen Arnold)

Generating Product Design Concepts

To begin, we utilized chatGPT to generate descriptions of product concepts. These descriptions were then used as prompts for the text-to-image converter, which created visual representations of the Paradisos based on the provided descriptions. This allowed us to systematically generate a wide range of T-shirt designs for analysis and evaluation.

Paradiso: AI Product Ideation for Birds-of-Paradise Inspired T-Shirts

The prompt we provided for the creation of Paradisos was as follows: "Create a realistic image of a  t-shirt design featuring a pattern and color scheme of the t-shirt inspired by the vibrant plumage of the bird-of-paradise. The design of the t-shirt should accurately reflect the bright and bold colors of the bird, as well as the intricate patterns and shapes of its feathers. Consider how the t-shirt design could incorporate elements of the bird's natural habitat, such as tropical flowers or foliage, to further enhance the overall aesthetic." 

This prompt was used to guide the AI in generating concepts that were both realistic and imaginative, providing us with a diverse range of T-Shirt concepts to evaluate. This prompt was used to generate the below designs for Paradiso t-shirts using Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

Paradiso: AI Product Ideation for Birds-of-Paradise Inspired T-Shirts

After carefully examining hundreds of AI-generated t-shirt designs, we have compiled a list of our 33 top Paradiso designs. Our selection process included evaluating various factors such as appearance and overall appeal.

Top Design #33: Paradiso Symphony

Paradiso Symphony

Top Design #32: Paradiso Hankering

Paradiso Hankering

Top Design #31: Paradiso Inkling

Paradiso Inkling

Top Design #30: Paradiso Ethereal

Paradiso Ethereal

Top Design #29: Paradiso Subsumption

Paradiso Subsumption

Top Design #28: Paradiso Tranquility

Paradiso Tranquility

Top Design #27: Paradiso Restitution

Paradiso Restitution

Top Design #26: Paradiso Bastion

Paradiso Bastion

Top Design #25: Paradiso Holistic

Paradiso Holistic

Top Design #24: Paradiso Rio

Paradiso Rio

Top Design #23: Paradiso Groundswell

Paradiso Groundswell

Top Design #22: Paradiso Fruition

Paradiso Fruition

Top Design #21: Paradiso Aspire

Paradiso Aspire

Top Design #20: Paradiso Ephemeral

Paradiso Ephemeral

Top Design #19: Paradiso Exuberance

Paradiso Exuberance

Top Design #18: Paradiso Ascent

Paradiso Ascent

Top Design #17: Paradiso Bloom

Paradiso Bloom

Top Design #16: Paradiso Nativity

Paradiso Nativity

Top Design #15: Paradiso Proximity

Paradiso Proximity

Top Design #14: Paradiso Eventide

Paradiso Eventide

Top Design #13: Paradiso Saturation

Paradiso Saturation

Top Design #12: Paradiso Penitence

Paradiso Penitence

Top Design #11: Paradiso Perspective

Paradiso Perspective

Top Design #10: Paradiso Verve

Paradiso Verve

Top Design #9: Paradiso Picturesque

Paradiso Picturesque

Top Design #8: Paradiso Proclivity

Paradiso Proclivity

Top Design #7: Paradiso Fortitude

Paradiso Fortitude

Top Design #6: Paradiso Palmona

Paradiso Palmona

Top Design #5: Paradiso Synchronism

Paradiso Synchronism

Top Design #4: Paradiso Visceral

Paradiso Visceral

Top Design #3: Paradiso Emergence

Paradiso Emergence

Top Design #2: Paradiso Flame

Paradiso Flame

Top Design #1: Paradiso Tropico

Paradiso Tropico

This post is part of a series of articles on the use of generative AI for bioinspired product ideation. The use of AI for product concept generation allows for the quick creation of many potentially novel designs, which could then be evaluated and refined to select the most promising concepts to move to the next stage of the product development process.

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