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Classic Ideas: Caroma Dual Flush Toilet

Australia has a problem with droughts, particularly in the eastern states. One of the major contributors to water wastage in households is the use of toilets, with around 60% of household water usage being used for flushing. In response to this problem, the Australian government approached the bathroom fixtures company Caroma with a challenge: to design a new toilet that would significantly reduce the amount of water wastage.

Caroma's solution was the Dual Flush toilet, invented by Bruce Thompson. This innovative toilet design allows users to choose between two flushing options: a full flush for solid waste and a reduced flush for liquid waste. This simple but effective change has helped to significantly reduce water wastage in households across Australia.

In addition to the dual flush function, Caroma's toilets also feature other water-saving features such as low-flow cisterns and efficient flushing mechanisms. These innovations have helped the company to become a leader in sustainable bathroom design, and the Dual Flush toilet has been widely adopted by households and businesses around the world.