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Snaise: AI Product Ideation for Snail Inspired Vases

By Tojin T. Eapen

We used advanced text-to-image generation techniques to create designs for "Snaise," a collection of vases inspired by the appearance of the snail. The goal of this project was to assess the capabilities of generative AI models in producing novel and appealing visual designs. 

Our prompts yielded a vast array of designs, which effectively demonstrated the potential of utilizing text-to-image models during the initial stages of developing new products, particularly for simpler items like vases where a distinct visual aesthetic is a crucial aspect of its appeal to consumers. The collage below showcases a selection of the various Snaise vase concepts that we generated through this method.

This post is part of a series of articles on the use of generative AI for bioinspired product ideation. The use of AI for product concept generation allows for the quick creation of many potentially novel designs, which could then be evaluated and refined to select the most promising concepts to move to the next stage of the product development process.

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