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Innovation Management Consulting

Innovation management consulting is a type of consulting that helps organizations develop and implement strategies and processes for managing innovation. Innovation management consultants work with clients to identify opportunities for innovation, develop plans and strategies for implementing new ideas, and provide guidance on how to overcome obstacles and challenges that may arise during the innovation process. Innovation management consulting may involve a wide range of activities, including:

  • Assessing an organization's innovation capabilities and identifying areas for improvement
  • Developing strategies for identifying and evaluating new ideas and technologies
  • Implementing processes for managing and tracking innovation projects
  • Providing guidance on how to align innovation efforts with the overall business strategy
  • Advising on how to create a culture of innovation within the organization
  • Providing training and support to help employees develop the skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation

Overall, innovation management consulting helps organizations develop the systems, processes, and culture needed to effectively manage innovation and drive growth. Some leading innovation management consulting firms include IDEO, Prophet, Strategyn, Innomantra, Nine Sigma, Landor, R/GA, and Farenheit.

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